Hi, I'm Craig

I'm a Senior Product Designer at Hudl.

For the past two years I was lead designer on Hudl's efforts to create a unified video experience for its disparate platforms.

Before that, I designed our first suite of basketball tools.

Last year I also wrote a library of React components that's being used by nearly two dozen of our dev teams.

I don't really freelance anymore, but earlier this year I spent a little time helping a former employer rethink their homepage.

Former lives

I was Product Director at Amara for a couple years, leading a six-person product team and working with clients like Netflix and TED.

Before that I was Project Lead for Symphony, an open source CMS. I coded lots, wrote a ton of documentation (and most of a book!), and designed getsymphony.com—which won the McFarlane Prize at Web Directions in 2010.

Want to know more? Here's a full resume.

Want to get in touch? hi@craigzheng.com.